Voter fraud or rigging elections

I have recently done some research on this terrible violation of democracy.

Have you heard about the massive amounts of voter fraud? You would have to live under a rock at the bottom of the Mariana trench to not have. Have you wondered how much voter fraud actually effects elections? I have. So I started looking into it. This is what I found.

According to nation wide since 2000 there have been 2068 total cases of alleged voter fraud,which includes registration fraud, impersonation, vote buying, false election counts, campaign fraud, casting an inelligible vote, voting twice and voter intimidation. Of those cases there were 10 cases of voter impersonation. Voter ID would NOT prevent most of election fraud.

Speaking of ID, who is for this? I always thought that conservatives were against “big brother” having an easier way of tracking you. But it seems that they now want everyone to provide “papers please”. So what type of ID should we use? How can we prevent counterfeiting? Hey, here is an idea. How about biometrics? This could be a card with your personal ID number and other “pertinent” information regarding your actual identification. Or we could just put one of those RFID chips implanted right into your body, and that would make counterfeiting almost impossible. Ooohhh, that almost sounds NWO like, doesn’t it?

To make sure that the incompetent, over bloated, bureaucratic, inept and inefficient “big brother” Government doesn’t all of a sudden become devious, nefarious, conniving or sociopathologically intelligent enough to track all of our actions, we could privatize these functions. We all know that Google or Facebook are responsible private companies that respect the users of their services and would never think of collecting or selling this information. Why would anyone else?,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=5152c89e77ba6c4a&biw=800&bih=437

On with the rest of the story.

What are all these voter ID laws really all about? Lets have a look.

It seems a good portion of the voter fraud comes in the form of absentee ballot tampering and those actually doing the campaigning or counting.

And to that point, I will provide proof that this is what is happening. In our own state. By the very people that are crying about “voter fraud” the loudest. Imagine that.

Wha Wha Wha What?! .

Now, before our Angry conservative friends blow their lids, there was this from the democrats in Michigan.

But I am not sure that lives up to the moniker “voter fraud” They were simply trying to get the tea party on the ballot as a separate party from the republicans. Why wouldn’t the tea party want to be separate? I thought they were an independent, unaffiliated, grass roots movement, unbeholden to any party or philosophy.

Also note that this story made it into the “lame stream liberal media”, where as the other stories above are barely covered here in the state.

And that is just in our state. Next will be news from across the country, and the real reason for all these “voter ID” laws, obstruction of voting hours and different poll location times. Just F’n amazing isn’t it?

Here we have a representative from Pennsylvania telling us that the voter laws just pushed through will secure the nomination for Mittens in that state. Wonder if that is what ALEC had in mind? I wonder if that is why all the current Republicans are pushing these laws? In my experience, if someone is telling you someone is coming for you, you better watch the person doing the accusing. They may be trying to distract you from something.

Here are some articles on voter registration fraud and changing of party registration.

And here is Paul Weyrich, founder of the Heritage Foundation and ALEC stating his beliefs on who should vote.

As one of the key figures of the New Right, Weyrich positioned himself as a defender of traditionalist sociopolitical values of states’ rights, dominionism, traditional marriage, heterocentrism, ethnic nationalism, anti-communism and class hierarchy, a staunch opponent of the New Left’s attempts at integrating social progress and diversity into American politics. Consequently, many of his views were seen as controversial by Americans who were not on the political right.

“I don’t want everybody to vote. Elections are not won by a majority of the people. They never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. As a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”[37][38]

“We are different from previous generations of conservatives… We are no longer working to preserve the status quo. We are radicals, working to overturn the present power structure of this country.” — Soloma, John. Ominous Politics: The New Conservative Labyrinth (1984), Hill and Wang Publ., New York

Second, there is a basic contradiction between the structure of our government and our role as a great power. Our government was designed not to play great-power politics but to preserve domestic liberty. To that end — at which it has been remarkably successful — it was structured so as to make decisions difficult. Separation of powers, congressional checks on executive authority, the primacy of law over raison d’tat (national interests) — all of these were intentionally built into our system. The Founding Fathers knew a nation, with such a government could not play the role of great power. They had no such ambition for us — quite the contrary.

For about 20 years after World War II, we were able to act as a great power without running into this contradiction. We could do so because we had only one serious rival, and even over that rival, our superiority was immense. Now, we have to play on a much more crowded and competitive field. Our institutions are not adequate to the game. If the executive does what it must in the international arena, it violates the domestic rules. If the Congress enforces those rules, as it is supposed to do, it cripples us internationally.

Since Watergate, some 140 measures have been passed by Congress to restrict the president’s power to conduct foreign policy

If we are going to be a serious nation, we need a serious system for selecting our leaders and advisors. We need some type of shadow government, in which leaders and top advisors can be identified and developed, and through which our politics can be better focused on policy choices. The world is a professional league, and we cannot win fielding amateur teams.

Wow. Sounds like this guy really likes the Constitution, doesn’t it? Do you think that may be why he started this :

Is this the “constitutional republic” you want? Is it the “constitutional republic” our founders started? Not according to Paul Weyrich.

Why do conservatives who espouse “family values” and “rule of law” have to find ways to “reason” away “family values” in the name of “the ends justify the means” or “it’s not personal, it’s just business” and find ways to “skirt the law” and lie and deceive others to sway them to their side?

Why again, do the “averages” need rules for voting when barely 50% of the population even bothers to vote, but the politicians and those conducting and overseeing the elections do not need similar rules? Can you say hypocrites?

And why can’t conservatives come back with evidence that proves me wrong? Instead you come back with wise cracks and smart @ss comments. Ohhhh that will prove me wrong. Are we still in elementary school?

Just shows you are full of wind.

I have to wonder why the dims are so against voter ID when they say all the voter fraud is in the repubs camp. Just saying, can you say hypocrite.

The real question is why is someone against voter ID when they have to have it for almost every other aspect of their lives.

Here is the answer to your question, with a question in return.

I don’t think anyone is against the idea of having to show proof of citizenship with a picture ID. I think what concerns people is the timing of the laws, if they were passed in an off year, or during the winter months when the citizens that would be affected by the new requirements would have enough time to learn of the new law and be able to comply with the law. The timing of these laws are, to say the least, “suspicious”.

The question I have is: Why did they wait until the last minute to pass these laws? Too busy regulating womens private parts? Or screwing teachers and firefighters and police and workers and retirees and poor folks and the middle class and well, the timing turned out just right for it though, didn’t it? Coincidence? Yeah right.


Charitable giving, is it really Charity?

I have heard the talking point that the wealthy are the biggest contributors to charity and charitable causes. I have also heard that conservatives are a larger donation base then so called “bleeding heart liberals”  So I decided to do some research on this subject. This is what I found.

There were and are, of course, many other ways for the upper class to preserve its privilege. “High culture” is often purchased through large-scale philanthropic donations to symphonies, art museums, and historical organizations (some historical sites are nothing more than lavish mansions devoted to the acquisitions of one family, such as the Vanderbilts or Hearsts). In the realm of private philanthropy, about half of all money donated comes from multimillionaires. Although some charitable programs help the needy and neglected, the fact is that American philanthropy is not primarily devoted to such causes.

Charitable philanthropy directly serves the rich. Teresa Odendahl, in her book Charity Begins at Home, calculated that over two thirds of philanthropic giving goes to “elite non-profit institutions-Ivy League universities, museums, symphonies, think tanks, private hospitals, prep schools, and the like.” Through such donations, which are invariably tax-deductible, “the wealthy end up funding their own interests.” Of the $124 billion spent on private philanthropy in 1991, only 10 percent went for “human service” projects that serve the poor. Furthermore, as the richest citizens began making more money they began giving away less of it. In 1979 individuals who earned more than $1 million gave away about 7 percent of their after-tax income; by 1996, that figure had fallen to just 4 percent. Likewise, it should come as no surprise that in 1995, when corporate profits jumped a record of 30 percent to over $600 billion, corporate philanthropy went up only 8 percent, accounting for just $7 billion of the $144 billion given by all sources.

The staying power of great industrial fortunes has been formidable when they’ve been invested in such places as the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Carnegie Corporation. These organizations are devoted to exploring and recommending new directions in public policy; while they generally support the agenda of the corporate world in business matters, they are often liberal on social issues regarding race and gender, a point of great consternation to many conservatives.
Hmmmm. I wonder if that is why such “charitable foundations” such as the Heritage Foundation, The Cato Institute, Americans for Prosperity, The Koch Foundation, American Enterprise Institute are all considered 501c4 charitable foundations. How much of their “donations” do you think go toward helping or promoting policies that help the less fortunate? I wonder how many of these “donations” would even be made if they were not allowed to deduct the “contributions” on their taxes?

Looks as if we will find out soon enough.

The funny thing is that most of true charitable giving is not even measurable. Most people who give to charity are not able to “itemize” their deductions or giving. Therefore it is not shown where the giving came from. Canned food drives, local stores asking you to purchase some non-perishables for local food bank.. Not measured. I would guess this is where the bulk of giving for those less fortunate come from, other than food stamps and State and Federal  programs. Most Churches are not even giving that much. It would probably be less than two weeks worth of the passing of the plate, and that only goes to those in the Church, Not the community as a whole.

Here is another recent article showing that contributions to “charity” are more or less donations to Universities, museums and other “policy” type foundations.

This year’s top donors gave to 21 different hospitals or health groups, and 33 different universities or other educational establishments. Arts, freedom, and religious groups rounded out the remainder. Foreign aid and assistance charities received relatively little of the pot.
To the conservatives : I have a hard time believing that people who have the attitude as shown below would help much, if at all.
Typical of the left. The “poor” and middle- class in this country have more than any generation anywhere, ever on earth benefitting from the innovation and ingenuity of the “rich.” Yet, people like Lowrey think the rich owe them more as if the pie is finite and the more Gates has the less it leaves everyone else. Get a clue! The pie gets bigger and everyone’s piece has gotten bigger (in the last 30 years). Who’s the greedy ones here? By the way, I make $40,000 a year because of choices and decisions I’ve made, not because somebody else controlled my life. Why don’t you people get one?
Aren’t you the party that calls those who do not make millions, moochers and leeches and parasites? BURDENS ON SOCIETY?
Wouldn’t you tell them, “if they won’t work, they shouldn’t eat”? Despite the fact that you wouldn’t offer them a job, even if they begged you for one, saying, “you should support yourself.”

Moral outrage!? Debt, Credit, Bankers delight. An open letter to Cons.

I have been posting and having online discussions with a few others.  Through these postings I have been trying to inform people to , in what my opinion, is one of the largest Problems with what our economy and society in general are suffering from. This is a portion of and end result of one of the latest conversations. You should know first that I consider the ACA in it’s current form Heritage Foundation Care. I have a post, just haven’t fully gotten it where I want it.

That is how Cons think. As long as I can innovate and be ingenious and technically not lie or just bend the truth, all is OK. Remember, Conservatives and Republicans are not necessarily Neo Cons. Those are a separate entity all to themselves.

This is what has been keeping our economy afloat for the past 30 years or so. CREDIT or in other words DEBT.
House hold debt
student loan debt

And this is how some of those colleges and universities are acting toward the taxpayer

Does that tick you off as much as it does me?

small business debt other than financial institutions

According  to this site                

Household debt is around  $11.66 Trillion dollars.

Yes, that is right. The American people are in almost as much debt as Our Country is. And we are supposed to run the country the way we run our households?  It seems we already are.
Everyone is in debt someway or the other.
And the banks are making TONS of MONEEEEEEEEY off the interest on this debt.
But we in America sure do love our bankers don’t we?


Have you called our Senators and your House Rep to support the Audit the Fed bills?

This would solve the problems you mention.


LOL! ROFL! Ohhhhhh stooooppp! M M MY gut hurts!!!         Oh wait, You are serious.           Ha Ha Ha Ha ohhh I can’t stand it, it hurts!

I certainly hope they are harder on the former Wall Street bankers, or those close to them who end up being US Treasurers or Fed Chairmen, than they were on poor old Jamie Dimon as witnessed here.

If you watch the whole video I think Ole Jamie is harder on himself than any lawmaker was.
Yeah let’s keep deregulating these corporate financial titans of the economy. They are after all responsible members of the business community, who would never screw homeowners or over leverage with their AWESOME CREATIVE AND INGENIOUS financial instruments, would they? Take a look at this, if you dare.

OOhhh doggy! Why, I think I might have a hard time trying to count that high, let alone trying to be responsible for that.
Dam irresponsible homeowners.

Wait! That can’t be right, can it?

My beef is not with successful business owners. If you are the business man you say you are, I have no doubt that you worked hard and deserve everything you have. Kudos to you. Especially if you treat your employees good. I just can’t stand that those on the right blame the poor, disabled, old and those that don’t have the talent or social skills that you and others posses, for the state of the economy. Those people are not responsible for the economy in any way. They have NO CONTROL of the direction that it takes.They barely have control over their own lives. Their voices are silent. They are mere leaves on the branches of the tree, trying to go with the flow of the wind without being ripped off the branch and left to dry out. They are hanging on for dear life in high winds, and some want to cut them loose to only help the bankers and the wealthy.

Why should they take the blame for and suffer the consequences of something they have no control over, but these Financial Titans get tax breaks, bailouts and Bonuses for doing the above?


What do you do? Republicans just want to further loosen the strings on these financial behemoths. They are the ones that watered down the last round of financial reforms. I watched on C-SPAN. I heard their talk about “hampering the wealth creators”. Oh, didn’t someone remind them that there is a difference between “wealth creation” and “job creation”. And the Democrats, what few there are, that want to reign them in get called SOCIALIST! COMMIE! ANTI-AMERICAN! FASCIST! for trying to put some ground rules down that would STOP some of this crap. Like all those words mean the same thing.

Wouldn’t you like to be deregulated? Wouldn’t it make it so much easier driving if the biggest vehicle,with the most aggressive driver was able to over power everyone else who may actually be just “wasting time” on the streets to the detriment of the “most productive”.

It would be nice if we could come together and realize what these #ricks are doing to us and our country. Doesn’t anyone realize that this is what causes true deflation? Allowing these TITANS OF FINANCE to make their own rules with no oversight has allowed them to create so much more money with NO BACKING that it alone will destroy the value of a dollar. Oh, you now need $1,000 to buy what $100 would by you a couple of years ago?

No, instead we evict the homeowners. Because they were irresponsible. And RESPONSIBLE people didn’t want to help out their neighbors irresponsibility. Now look what you have to look forward to. Bailing out a QUADRILLION DOLLAR DERIVATIVES MARKET! That is what you get for not putting Rules (regulations) on highly productive and ingenious Market Driven Business men !(children and bullies) YOU NOW OWN IT! Cons were the ones that FOUGHT for BANKERS BONUSES! Contract LAW they said! As months and years later they would argue to ABOLISH LABOR CONTRACTS for union members and public employees.

Bankers ruining everything and the people suffer for it while Cons want to Praise and bestow more riches on these productive, awesome, innovative, creative and ingenious LEGAL FELONS.

If you or anyone has any idea how we can come together and resolve these issues I am all ears. But this is where we need to start. The financial industry is what is ruining our economy. Let’s face up to this and figure out a way to solve it. Please.


Looks like Bank Against America wants some MORE HELP, are you going to throw more people into the streets, off of food stamps and off Social Security that they paid into, and fire more teachers so you can keep bailing out these deserving highly productive, innovative and needed people ? Self regulation at it’s best. Fully written out for you to read and enjoy.

This is how these “financial weapons of mass deception and global destruction” are destroying our towns, cities, States, Countries and our World.

Just disgusting! Why can’t we agree these are the Problems? Are we blind? Are we too tuned into the CORPORATE NEWS? Yeah, that’s right. Left, right, center, up, down, diagonal, in front, out back, it is all the same. They are all CORPORATIONS! ( are PEOPLE my friend) They have a similar goal. They are magicians. Look here, fight about that, Hey there! ABORTION! shhh. MUSLIM! Free Loader! Tax cuts for the wealthy! More spending in Elections.Celebrity who? there? Why? Advertising dollars. Who pays for all this advertising? Where do they get their dollars from?………………….YOU

That’s’ right. Every time You pay your mortgage payment, car payment, personal loan, business loan, student loan, credit card payment, or just purchase a product, part of or an Awfully LOT of YOUR Hard Earned Dollar goes to pay towards these bonuses and salary packages in the MULTI MILLION dollar range and also that $38,000 marble toilet Jamie Dimon had installed shortly before YOUR HOME VALUE TANKED !

But it’s not just you. They have Our ENTIRE Government doing this. From the Federal, to the State, to your local town or even township. That is how they fund the projects and then get Our Government to purchase dollars from the FED,(for doing something it HAS the Constitutional Authority to do) charge the Government interest, put it’s people in charge of the monetary fund and “careful management” of Our economy. Because “they are the experts in their field and whose opinions are highly respected”. Pay off Regulators and Legislators with the Blessing of “Citizens United”, allowing them to become “persons”, Even get the Government to FORCE you to purchase their Insurance products. Do you get it now? They OWN our country! They have no moral responsibility to anyone other than the shareholder. They don’t care about you. They leave the foreclosed homes to sit in the winter without winterizing them. Do you know what happens when a 40 gallon water heater bursts and what it will do to a house that is over run with animals and left to sit? It is NOT pretty. Is that responsible ownership? OHH it is their house to do with what they want. Enjoy it in your neighborhood?

And Who thinks these people should be rewarded for putting their Ingenuity, Creativity, and Industriousness to work in the Free Market , as close to unregulated as you can possibly get, if not Captured regulation, to better the Wealth of others and Themselves and actually end up destroying millions of lives and Entire Free Nations?

These Titans are just draining us out a little more before they pull the plug. Are we going to blame each other, or are we going to wake up to what has been happening?

If I knew how to stop this Crap I would do it. I however,  am posting in comment sections and  this blog .   I guess I am just trying to figure out how a portion of the American people can’t see these things for what they are.  I am trying to scream as loud as I can about this Fleecing of America, without being accused of being a Socialist or a Communist or Un American.

I am hoping that Americans will wake up and be MORE disgusted at how much of  Their Hard Earned Dollars are going to Executive Bonuses, Salary Packages, and Stock options.  How can you be upset at paying a portion of the $50,000/year + $10,000 in benefits and retirement for the teachers that educate your children, but Not upset at having to pay $250,000 for a $100,000 home loan on a house that is now worth $50,000?       It’s insane. 

Please let’s realize where we are.


Strange political terminology

What exactly is meant by this term? I thought that we were all humans.

Silly me. It seems as though this term is meant to bring the larger than life celebrities and political leaders to the level of us proles (that is short for proletariat, the common folk) It seems they have deemed themselves demi-gods. Aren’t they the ones who are spending all the money, taking all kinds of benefits and making deals that carve this country up for just themselves and leaving the rest of us with the bill and the fall out? I thought the demi-gods were there to help the proles. Silly me.

Illeagals in the U.S.

This is another topic that has been in the news lately, because of the new policy that was enacted by the President.

I used to be one of those “send them back to their own country”  people. Then I thought about it for a while.  If our country was like Mexico ( which some in this country are eagerly trying to make happen) and I could not make a life for myself because the wealthy hoarded all the money and only certain favored relatives and friends were allowed places in power, would I pick up and move to try to make a better life for myself? How would I want to be treated where I went? Would I like to be treated like a human or an animal? Maybe you think that analogy is a little over the top. With the recent spat of comparing food stamp recipients to wild animals, I am sorry if you are offended. The conservatives would like to round them up in ICE box trucks and put them in jail until they are then bussed back to Mexico, because that is where ALL illegals come from. Sounds kind of like what happens when there is a dog loose in the neighborhood.

We keep hearing how the illegals are taking American jobs. They are lowering wages, stealing welfare benefits, Social Security numbers, ripping off the hospitals and schools and raping and robbing and pillaging our cities and countrysides. OH the horror! Illegal this! Illegal that! Illegal here! Illegal there! Illegal everywhere!   There is one Illegal that I don’t hear this crowd talking about though……….

 The Illegal employer and landlord.

No where in any conversation or discussion on the over-paid talking bobble-head shows will you hear about Illegal employers, and if you do, it is for just a few fleeting moments. Enough moments to exonerate the employer from having to verify someones immigration status because it is too time consuming, burdensome and you don’t know if someone is lying or forging documents. Coming from an industry that is continuing it’s intrusion into their employees personal lives in the form of drug tests, criminal background checks, credit checks, previous employer checks, checking your facebook profile,  I find that to be a facetious argument.

These Illegal employers are reaping a generous windfall. Think about it. These illegal immigrants are desperate for work, willing to do work that Americans have been taught to strive for more than menial labor and or unwilling to do the work for what the “free market dictates”. ( What a joke. If that wage is what the “free market dictates” they wouldn’t have to bring in illegals to work for cheaper. Maybe my definition of  wage markets is a little out-dated.)  These illegals have no rights. If they get hurt on the job, oh well. It’s not like they are going to hire a lawyer. Yeah, let’s go to court where the judge will find out I am an illegal and deport me. Not.  Thus there is no need for workers comp insurance. There is no need for unemployment insurance. And the illegal works in fear that not only might they be fired at a moments notice, but the Illegal employer may just report them. The Illegal also profits from lower wages they can get away with paying the illegal. Not to mention there are no overtime laws, wage or hour limits.  Now imagine yourself in that situation.

The Illegal landlord doesn’t exactly have a bad situation either. Most illegals live 5 or more to a house. They pool their resources and live very inexpensively so they can send some home to mom and dad or other relatives that are living in squalor, once again, because the “job creators” feel they are the only ones that deserve a  life above squalor. WELL ABOVE squalor.  There are again NO rights for the illegal. No one to defend them for unscrupulous rent increases, a dwelling that is in disrepair, plumbing that may need repair or faulty appliances.  Who are they going to complain to if the Illegal refuses to do the repairs? No one.

Now you are saying they full well knew what they were doing was illegal and they had no rights here, and you would be correct. But does that mean that it is right to treat them like they have no rights and to take full advantage of that fact? And what of the Illegal employer or Illegal landlord. Are they committing a crime by hiring these illegals?  Do you hold them at fault for anything? For not hiring an American? For not paying a decent wage to an American? Or do you see it as just good business and if the Government isn’t going to do it’s job, they are well within their rights to employ them instead of turning them in for deportation?

Aren’t we supposed to be a country that receives their rights from our Creator, not the Government?  You will find that I will be posting a little about religion, just because it is a hot topic and plays a part in my life. I am not a biblical scholar nor have I studied the bible, I just read it. And try to understand it. That being said let’s look at how God tells us how to treat illegals.

Leviticus 19:33-34   When a foreigner lives with you in your land, do not mistreat him. The foreigner living with you must be treated as a native born. Love him as you love yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I AM THE LORD.

Ezekiel  22:29    The people of the land have practiced extortion and committed robbery. They have oppressed the poor and the needy and unlawfully exploited the foreign resident.

Food stamps: Junk food for poors or more taxpayer money for corporations

Some thought patterns just amaze me. I guess that there are people that think I am crazy too. Maybe we are all crazy.

This is a subject that has been more prevalent in the last few years. We hear about how many people are on them without hearing exactly why, except for the reason that they are lazy skeezes who have no pride. While I am sure that there are some out there who fit this description, I find it highly unlikely that that describes the majority of them. I know a few of these so called “lazy” people that collect food stamps.  Most of them work. Mommy and daddy.  More and more they are losing full time employment and are having a hard time finding work. Now that it is summer time, work is showing up more frequently though.

I know single people that are on them too. With no kids. Most of them are working too.  Lower hours, but still working.  Do I know of people that are on them who don’t work? Yeah, I do. Are they looking for work?  Most of them.  Some can’t work.  And then there are those that don’t work. Yes, I admitted it.  I know people that don’t work. Most of them even, would like to have some way to make money though. I don’t know very many people who don’t want to have something productive to do everyday and make a living. I know people who have lost a lot of hope in this time of coddling the wealthy “job creators” ,  as lower wages, lower hours, and less upward mobility and the cost to access the ability to achieve the credentials needed to have that mobility is putting it out of  the reach of more and more people.

(Disclaimer: I have used the food stamp program, and appreciated it very much. and when I no longer needed it, I called and asked to be removed.)  Having said that, I was in the gas station a little over a year ago looking to get a pop(soda to some of you) and looked down in the cooler and saw that those new fangled energy drinks had the same EBT (electronic benefit transfer) stamp as the eggs and bread. Note these things are $4 a piece.  Now I knew that pop (soda) was an approved product. Then I looked further. And I found a slew of things that were approved that you wouldn’t normally think would be. Oh no!  The cons were right!  Their stories of buying alcohol and tobacco are wrong. Never, ever have I seen this. If this were to occur, that would be the store owners fault or the clerks. They are the ones that complete those transactions  full well knowing that those are unacceptable items.  Same goes for the furniture rental places that take food stamps! (Yes. I have actually heard that argument, and it was disparaging the food stamp recipient. How would the recipient even know that they would accept that for payment?  Would you? Apparently we do now.  🙂

Any hoo, I started finding out all kinds of things that are SNAP approved foods and places that are allowed to take them.  Restaurants, both traditional and fast food. This is for the homeless and or elderly that are unable to make their own food or don’t have the necessary equipment to prepare meals. I can understand that. I was almost homeless once. Eating cold canned raviolis and vegetables would suck. I suppose it would be better than nothing. None the less,  I believe it to be more acceptable than candy bars and energy drinks.

Well that got me wondering how these things are SNAP approved.  I mean you don’t think the people running the SNAP program just said “hey, how about approving the fast food restaurants, all the major pop (soda) brands, all the candy and junk food, and Twinkies(tm) , HO HO’s ™ and cream pies they can stuff in the cart. 🙂    Just because we are nice and we want their vote.( despite the fact that most of this group of the population does NOT VOTE, and we do not vote for the people that run SNAP.)  So if the people who run SNAP did not bestow this bountiful treat of junk food goodies to the lazy skeezes, who did?  I know! I know! It was those filthy LIBS!  Better read this       Notice in the comments there was not a mention of the fact that an aid to  John Boehner   was hired by a well known convenience store, to lobby on  “issues related to the general application and approval process for qualified establishments serving SNAP-eligible recipients.”

I am more than positive that this transcends both sides of the aisle. My problem is that putting all the blame on Government officials is leaving out the true culprit.  Who is going to hold these corporations that are scamming our system responsible? The level of them skimming off  the top of programs designed to  help our less fortunate (lazy) citizens. Do you  realize that JP Morgan runs the food stamp program in Virginia? I knew that the banks had their claws in the issuing and collecting fees off of unemployment benefits, but it seems they are also in the business of issuing of food stamp and EBT cards also. Wow. And the junk food industry is taking more and more from this program also.

But we should really put the blame on the holders of these cards. I mean they are making the choice to purchase those goods after all, right?  Given the choice, what would you do? I know, you’d get off your ass and get a job right?  How are you supposed to do that when employers are shipping jobs over seas? Those jobs left in America would translate into those same jobs and eventually more jobs from the spending that those jobs left in America would create. It is a cycle. And another post. The fact remains that the more jobs we send over to China,  means less jobs and less money in our economy. Thus the need for food stamps. Now, the approved foods were not always junk food. That has only been in the last decade or so that this has happened. Given the choice to buy some junk once in a while, people will be people and buy it. The junk industry knows this, that is why they lobbied for access to the program. Why don’t we blame the people who changed the rules?  That would be a quaint little notion, wouldn’t it? And not just our senators and congress people. Someone bought them off, paid them or offered them something to do this.  They don’t just come up with this shit on their own.

But we will continue to blame the poors. I mean in the end all societies have collapsed because of the corruption and loose morals of them there poors.

Duped by the skeezy slimey poors? Or a financial winfall at our expense?

This is one talking point I just can’t stand. Yeah, the Government, in the form of CRA, Freddie and Fannie and Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, and Billiam Clinton, and low income, skeezy, sly and lying home owners wanting 10 times the house they could afford are the main culprits for the fall out of the Major banks.

Our poor Great and Mighty and Magnificent and HUGE, financial overlords were FORCED by the Government they own, to give loans to low income and areas that were in disrepair to hopefully restore the community. They were forced by the Community Reinvestment Act of 1979. A program that had been in place for over 20 years by the time all this crap happened. I feel that highly unlikely.

I was going to go over each point that a person that would defend the banks would bring out. Instead I think I will just tell a little story. I hope you enjoy it.

Forward: also a disclaimer. In no way, shape or form is this story an actual historical documentation of any occurrence of any part of history, and if there happens to be a resemblance or coinciding conditions of actual occurrences( first you would have to admit to it having happened.) are strictly and completely coincidental. This is a work of fiction and exists only in my mind and on this blog, as far as I know. I can not be held responsible for the actions of others. Or at least that is what I have been told.


Follow the money. Pretty plain and simple, right?  You would think so. Who made money off this deal? The homeowner who took out the loan? Nope. They are either paying on a home they can’t afford anymore, or homeless or living somewhere else, and with a terrible blemish on their credit record. Did the Government make money off these deals? Maybe initially from increased sales and property taxes, but now there are pages of delinquent taxes in the paper twice a year. So that is another no. So who made money?

Well there were a couple industries that made money. The real-estate industry for one. Builders. Title co. But mainly it was the banks. How and why would the banks be able to make money doing these kinds of loans?  Let’s look at the market before it was allowed to go berserk. They way conservatives say it should be. 20% down for a home and all.

If you have requirements of 20% down for a home loan, and the median price of a home is almost $100,000, how many customers do you think you are going to have? Remember, that is a $20,000 down payment. The median wage for a single individual is around $32,000. How many customers are you going to get for 20% down on a $50,000 house? That is still $10,000.

There was only a certain segment of the population that could afford to use their services, and they still would only use so much. How to expand business when the law says you have to have these onerous, stifling, restrictive regulations that are stifling creativity and ingenuity. HMMMM…..  🙂    Hello, congressman? Could we do lunch sometime?

But why? Why? you say, would those banks ask the Government to loosen regulations on them, so they could loan to people with risky credit?  FEES. Commission fees to be more specific. These Great and  Mighty and Magnificent and  Huge bankers and traders get paid by how many deals they seal. The more customers, the more trading units, the more units, the more to leverage with and the more deals you can make.

The banks made money making the loan. They then bundled good loans with bad, paid off the credit rating agencies and got them graded AAA+ and sold them to Fannie,Freddie, and any other sucker they could get to by them. More MONEY! 🙂 They then bought shorts on those same loans. So when those went bad…. more MONEY!   🙂   The banks own stock shares now plummet. What do the bankers do? Buy back their own stocks!  WHAT?!?!   The banks are now bailed out by the Government. Guess what? Stock shares skyrocket! He he he ….. LOTS MORE MONEY!!!  🙂   Then the taxpayer had to bail out the insurance company these Great and Mighty and Magnificent and HUGE financial overlords bought insurance to insure those very same shitty financial instruments. Guess what?    MORE MONEY!  🙂

Now the Government is giving bankers 0% interest loans through the Federal Reserve Discount lending window. To the tune of over $13 trillion dollars! What ever will they do with all that money?  Hey. What say we invest that into Treasury bonds? I mean think of it! To make money off the shitty mortgages, put the responsibility off on the Government, make money betting against those loans, get the Government to bail us out, and then to invest that taxpayer money into Treasury bonds so that the taxpayer will pay us 3% interest on the interest free loan they gave us, so that we can use the interest to pay off the loan and WE get to keep the MONEY!  And the houses!  BONUS!   THOSE TOO?!!!!    🙂    Ohhh, life as a banker is sooo exhausting!  It is a lot of mental strain innovating these new financial IGDD’s . (Instruments of Global Deception and Destruction.)

No, couldn’t have been anything like that.  Good thing it is a work of fiction. Could you imagine what would happen to a country if policies like that were allowed to continue to exist?     😦


Addendum:  For those who think the Republican party is NOT part of the Great and Mighty and Magnificent and HUGE financial overlords court, maybe you should watch them in action yourselves. It is always better to hear it straight from the horses themselves.