The new corporate rule

Yesterday with the Hobby Lobby case, we have now allowed the courts to tell us that Corporations are not only people with free($$) speech, but they now have the freedumb of religion. Ohh joy!

Where will this lead? If these paper people are now allowed to impose their religion on their employees, where will it end? Will it end with simply health care benefits, or could it go further?

Could it end with the this line of thought: Corp: WE provide you with a job. With that job, We compensate you with OUR money. As an employee of OUR company, you are also a representative of OUR company whether you are on the clock or not. Your facebook and other social media are open to OUR interpretation and whether we agree with what you publish is agreeable with the fine print in OUR company policy is subject to Corporate policy.

Also, since We compensate you with OUR money that comes from What God bestows upon us with the business acumen that HE has bestowed upon us, if you are doing things that go against what OUR beliefs are, WE should and do reserve the right to terminate your employment at anytime for spending the money that We compensate you with by purchasing things that go against OUR beliefs.

We don’t condone alcohol, drugs,(prescription or illicit) pornography or other sinful things that will be left to the discrimination of our board of directors and Corporate policy handbook, which is 1,000 pages plus. (Non bureaucratic, of course)

Now my questions are these: Does this decision only refer to Christian Corporations, or does it also apply to  Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and other religions? Are we all going to be at the beck and call of our new religious Corporate laws?

Isn’t it already bad enough that we have few if any rights in the workplace now as it is? Stay tuned for the fallout of this decision. I am sure that we have only heard the first of  many shots about to come across the bow of employee rights.



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