Shop class, schools, and the consquences

Hello, I am back. I have been battling on NM Craig’s list. It sometimes is juvenile,  but interesting how  they answer. Mostly I do it because  the rhetoric and aura of superiority on that site is stupendous, and someone has to retort their paranoid delusions of grandeur.


Here is my latest comment. I will  post a few more soon. I am going to  try to invite some of them here so that no one can delete comments. Unless the comment is outrageously vulgar or Word Press makes me take it down, it goes up. unless it’s spam of course.


“Put the trade back in our schools. We need to give our children a chance to try these things so they can see if they my like it . Woodworking ,welding ,machine shop, drafting,sewing, home economy’s”

Didn’t the schools used to teach these things? Yes, they did? So the question that needs to be asked is: “Why did they take them out?

Most likely for the same reason that this question of yours won’t happen to any but a select few schools in NM, let alone the country,”Why isn’t there any swimming pools in the schools?”. The answer?




When I was in school, many a decade ago, drivers ed was taught by a couple of teachers that were certified to teach drivers ed. The local car dealers donated a couple of cars for the use of drivers ed and the cost was built into the property taxes.

Now, each parent has the great honor of paying $500-$1,000 or more for each of their kids to learn how to drive. And if they fail the first time, guess who gets to pay that fee again? Ahhhhhh PRIVATIZATION! Aren’t the cost savings awesome?! Aren’t you glad that this model is starting to happen to school sports also?

The machines that we used for wood and metal shop were outdated when I used them many a decade ago (notice the plural), and those machines aren’t cheap, and there are few people that are willing to donate an outdated machine let alone a good used one or a new one. Those heavy machines bring a lot of money at the scrap yard. A down payment on a new or good used machine for the business.

Not to mention that most of the jobs in those catagories are being outsourced because they are considered “low skillz” jobz. Machinist jobs are going to China, along with a lot of the other manufacturing trades. So are furniture building and clothing jobz. According to cons, Mehicans are taking over the home building jobs (what little there are) and the landscaping tradez.

Everyone is now looking to have a ‘high skillz jobz’ or career, like fraudsters uuuh…ehem..errr…bankerz, traderz (traitors?), CEO’s, COO’s (coo coos?), accountants, doctors, physical therapists, hospital techs, lawyers, talking heads on TV or talking entities on what is left of radio. You know, good paying jobs/careers that pay good Money (Gods must be Capitalized, especially when it involves Capital/Money) and get more than a modicum of respect. None of those jobs that you mentioned get either of those anymore. Thanx cons.

Hard, mental and physical work (yes cons, those ‘low skillz jobz require mental skillz too) gets you nothing but a broken body and tossed aside like a broke down, rusted out 20 year old vehicle. Except the vehicle still has ‘value’ …… the scrap yard.

So the reason that we have schools failing, kidz failing, bridges falling apart, pot hole filled roads, crumbling industrial parks, and a faltering economy is because the wealth is being concentrated, condensed and compressed.

No one wants to pay for pools in schools. When I talk to my conservative friends and family, they do nothing but complain about how much time kids spend at school. “Before school practice, after school practice, study groups after school, after school/community related extra-curricular activities.” They hate schools but don’t mind their kidz being watched while they work and or get some time away, like a baby sitter. That is what they say teachers are anyway. Yet they wouldn’t nor could they do what happens at a school, even if they didn’t have to work. Not one of them could teach math, algebra, trig, English, grammar, home ec, computer lab, science, geology, geometry, social studies, local/State/Fed government, art (another thing cons hate liberal arts…eewwww! How… how…..elitist! Now give tax cuts to the ‘Job Creators’ and Wealthy!” ( more Capitalization for Gawds)Aren’t those people technically the, uh…how do I put it…. THE ELITE!?)

Not one of them have the necessary knowledge in ALL of those fields to educate their kidz. That is why schools were invented. That is why WE adopted PUBLIC SCHOOLS. So that EVERY KID could have a BASIC or above average EDUKASHUN. Do you know why there is a National Lunch program AND free or reduced rate lunch at our commie skool system? Thank the Military for that.

There were small local school systems that had lunch programs, mostly in poor areas of cities. But after WWI, I will let the author of this article tell you.

By 1913, School Lunches were operating in 30 cities and 14 states. However by 1918 and the beginning of WWI, the realization of how desperate the youth of America was painfully obvious. Enormous numbers of young men could not enter the military due to poor physical condition related to malnutrition. By 1919 2930 schools were now receiving hot lunches.


You see, you can’t wage war with malnourished draftees. Where were the Churches, charities, families and communities to help these less fortunate children and young adults?

And now, we have privatized out the school lunch programs in a majority of schools. There have been plenty of stories of lunch personnel tossing out perfectly good food into the trash because students were a few dollars short of the price of a meal. Tossing out and wasting food rather than feeding a child. Family Values? Tough Love? Personal Responsibility? Pro Life? Or, Corporate can write off the perfectly good food that was wasted and thrown in the trash and basically spit in the kids face and embarrass them in front of the whole school? Most likely it will be filed under all of them.

Personal Responsibility: If their parents were personally responsible they would’ve had the Money for the lunch.
Tough Love; sending the parents and the child the lesson that they have to Pay their bills,
Family Values. Being a good responsible citizen that pays their bills, feeds their children, and can take a little embarrassment will avoid such situations in the future.

So, if we end up in a war with one of these countries that now do our low skillz manufacturing jobs, where will we get our manufactured goods and who will do the low skillz work to get the necessities for waging WAR?

Or haven’t we thought that far ahead?

Free trade and Free markets for Freedumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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