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Talking points defined.

Revenue neutral.

How do Republicans plan on lowering the deficit if the plans they are promoting are “revenue neutral”?

Think about it. What is neutral? It means it doesn’t go anywhere. How far does your car go in neutral? Unless it is on a hill, it goes nowhere. That is the point. They are going to lower the tax rates for the wealthy, while cutting spending for unemployed, disabled, some elderly, poor, children, and lower income citizens, and taking away some tax credits for home interest deductions, considering insurance from your employer as taxable income from the middle class to pay for those tax cuts.

But how exactly does that lower the debt? It doesn’t. But the followers of the Cons do not seem to think that matters or they don’t understand it. They see spending for the moochers and leeches and the parasitic lower classes of society and the union and public workers being cut and that is enough for them. Even if it means they will pay more.

Well, at least until they figure out they will be paying more. Here in Michigan, some of these Cons are starting to see that this year as they renew their vehicle registration and find out it has doubled. A wonderful result in “revenue neutral” tax cuts for corporations at the taxpayers expense. With NO promise of jobs.

Please remind me again, was Robin Hood a hero or a villain? I seem to have been mistaken in my interpretation.

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Today is a day to celebrate all the work those of us do that helps make our homes, towns, cities, counties, states, and country a better place to work and live our lives and raise our children to do the same. Unfortunately, this is not what most people celebrate today. A good portion of the laborers are on the job today. Thirty years ago, that would have been unheard of. Of course, you would also have gotten your goods the day before or the day after Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and New Years also, because at least my town was CLOSED those days. Everyone had those days off. They were holidays. Days of rest, relaxation, thanksgiving, and family time. Not today. Now it would be lost economic activity.

Here in America we have become accustomed to being treated rather nicely by employers for the last few decades. That is starting to change. Some of us are waking up to the reality of what our larger employers are and have been doing overseas. Mostly because they have been shipping what used to be decent paid jobs that a person with highschool education and a little work ethic could live on and still afford a little to sock away.

Now that most of these mass production and repetitive jobs have been sent to countries where there are no labor laws, it makes one wonder if the unions didn’t have it right. The number of unions and members has been decimated in this country.  Again, I am not a journalist nor do I claim to be unbiased. I just look things up, and if they contradict what a “certain” parties claims are, well, the facts are just that. Is that me being biased? Or am I just biased for the truth?

I keep hearing how these unions have destroyed Detroit, Michigan, and our country. But I just can’t figure out how that can be. We have all heard of the lazy union, drunken, mistake prone, inept and incompetent employees and how they are the only ones being protected. OK. I understand that. I have seen it in action. But those cases seem to be the exception Not the rule. I am sure any one of us can take a look around at the people that we work with or come in contact through our jobs and say the same thing about non union members.  It is an unfortunate fact of the human condition. Even those that are considered extremely intelligent are prone to “errors of humanity”. Admit it, you have walked into a room and forgot what the hell you were even going in there for.  🙂

Detroit used to be a bustling metropolitan area of more than 1 million people. Northern Michigan used to be a vacation destination for a lot of these people to get away from the production line and city life for a couple of weekends a year.  There was massive amounts of economic activity driven by these workers.  This was a good portion of the money that these poorer rural communities received during the year. That has been slowing for over a two decades now,  and was drastically reduced during the last decade of outsourcing.

So It seems that union busting is actually putting more money into the hands of CEO’s and less in the workers pocket. What are the end results of that? A slower economy.

Remember, unions fought and died so that we could have 40 hour work weeks, family time, benefits, and weekends for our recreation. Is that too much to ask? Some say yes it is.

Here is a few websites for you to visit if you wish to know more about the labor and union movements


Have a Happy Labor Day!


Disclaimer; I am not now, nor have I ever been affiliated with any union. Nor is this a paid ad for them. It is, simply put, one workers opinion and observations. Take them for what you will.