Looks like the law and order Republicans are at it again.

More blatant pandering from the guy that can’t show proof of what he says. Anyway, If you are still reading this load of lies, you might be interested to know that it seems that Mr Romney doesn’t like the current delegate rules the RNC currently has. It seems there may be a way that Ron Paul could win. So, the “establishment republicans” do what they do best……change the rules with LAWYERS ARGUING FOR IT.

Seems we had a problem like this earlier, and resulted in similar rule changes.

Michigan GOP getting star treatment at convention, despite breaking rules

What is it about these “law and order” republicans and “retroactively changing rules” to their advantage?

Nothing to worry about. Nothing to see here. Just a POS LYING LIAR pushing LIES with NO PROOF!


Looks like a few of the Libertarians are starting to wake up to the “you will respect my authoritah!!!” crowd. this explains it all.

Chris Christie says respect is more important than love

More of that compassionate conservatism we keep hearing about? Like this?
Heheheheheheh! It’s sooooooo easy to piss off a lib, I don’t care who wrote it, it’s brilliant, unlike the libs who want to remain dependent on welfare and the government forever. Remember, don’t feed the animals because they will become dependent on you feeding them forever.
Or like this?

Yeah. That is what I imagine Jesus wanting us to do. Compare the poor, lame, uneducated and underprivileged, and outcasts……. to animals. You know, people, that were made in HIS image. Are you a sheep or a goat? mitt in uniform
PS Some say this is true. Some say this is false. Are you gong to believe SOME people? The next time a Facts are not news channel anchor says “some people say” why don’t you question WHO “some people” are? And if they just SAID IT, wouldn’t  THEY then be the “some people” that are saying? Just askin’

Remember what the GOP says………………




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