Food stamps: Junk food for poors or more taxpayer money for corporations

Some thought patterns just amaze me. I guess that there are people that think I am crazy too. Maybe we are all crazy.

This is a subject that has been more prevalent in the last few years. We hear about how many people are on them without hearing exactly why, except for the reason that they are lazy skeezes who have no pride. While I am sure that there are some out there who fit this description, I find it highly unlikely that that describes the majority of them. I know a few of these so called “lazy” people that collect food stamps.  Most of them work. Mommy and daddy.  More and more they are losing full time employment and are having a hard time finding work. Now that it is summer time, work is showing up more frequently though.

I know single people that are on them too. With no kids. Most of them are working too.  Lower hours, but still working.  Do I know of people that are on them who don’t work? Yeah, I do. Are they looking for work?  Most of them.  Some can’t work.  And then there are those that don’t work. Yes, I admitted it.  I know people that don’t work. Most of them even, would like to have some way to make money though. I don’t know very many people who don’t want to have something productive to do everyday and make a living. I know people who have lost a lot of hope in this time of coddling the wealthy “job creators” ,  as lower wages, lower hours, and less upward mobility and the cost to access the ability to achieve the credentials needed to have that mobility is putting it out of  the reach of more and more people.

(Disclaimer: I have used the food stamp program, and appreciated it very much. and when I no longer needed it, I called and asked to be removed.)  Having said that, I was in the gas station a little over a year ago looking to get a pop(soda to some of you) and looked down in the cooler and saw that those new fangled energy drinks had the same EBT (electronic benefit transfer) stamp as the eggs and bread. Note these things are $4 a piece.  Now I knew that pop (soda) was an approved product. Then I looked further. And I found a slew of things that were approved that you wouldn’t normally think would be. Oh no!  The cons were right!  Their stories of buying alcohol and tobacco are wrong. Never, ever have I seen this. If this were to occur, that would be the store owners fault or the clerks. They are the ones that complete those transactions  full well knowing that those are unacceptable items.  Same goes for the furniture rental places that take food stamps! (Yes. I have actually heard that argument, and it was disparaging the food stamp recipient. How would the recipient even know that they would accept that for payment?  Would you? Apparently we do now.  🙂

Any hoo, I started finding out all kinds of things that are SNAP approved foods and places that are allowed to take them.  Restaurants, both traditional and fast food. This is for the homeless and or elderly that are unable to make their own food or don’t have the necessary equipment to prepare meals. I can understand that. I was almost homeless once. Eating cold canned raviolis and vegetables would suck. I suppose it would be better than nothing. None the less,  I believe it to be more acceptable than candy bars and energy drinks.

Well that got me wondering how these things are SNAP approved.  I mean you don’t think the people running the SNAP program just said “hey, how about approving the fast food restaurants, all the major pop (soda) brands, all the candy and junk food, and Twinkies(tm) , HO HO’s ™ and cream pies they can stuff in the cart. 🙂    Just because we are nice and we want their vote.( despite the fact that most of this group of the population does NOT VOTE, and we do not vote for the people that run SNAP.)  So if the people who run SNAP did not bestow this bountiful treat of junk food goodies to the lazy skeezes, who did?  I know! I know! It was those filthy LIBS!  Better read this       Notice in the comments there was not a mention of the fact that an aid to  John Boehner   was hired by a well known convenience store, to lobby on  “issues related to the general application and approval process for qualified establishments serving SNAP-eligible recipients.”

I am more than positive that this transcends both sides of the aisle. My problem is that putting all the blame on Government officials is leaving out the true culprit.  Who is going to hold these corporations that are scamming our system responsible? The level of them skimming off  the top of programs designed to  help our less fortunate (lazy) citizens. Do you  realize that JP Morgan runs the food stamp program in Virginia? I knew that the banks had their claws in the issuing and collecting fees off of unemployment benefits, but it seems they are also in the business of issuing of food stamp and EBT cards also. Wow. And the junk food industry is taking more and more from this program also.

But we should really put the blame on the holders of these cards. I mean they are making the choice to purchase those goods after all, right?  Given the choice, what would you do? I know, you’d get off your ass and get a job right?  How are you supposed to do that when employers are shipping jobs over seas? Those jobs left in America would translate into those same jobs and eventually more jobs from the spending that those jobs left in America would create. It is a cycle. And another post. The fact remains that the more jobs we send over to China,  means less jobs and less money in our economy. Thus the need for food stamps. Now, the approved foods were not always junk food. That has only been in the last decade or so that this has happened. Given the choice to buy some junk once in a while, people will be people and buy it. The junk industry knows this, that is why they lobbied for access to the program. Why don’t we blame the people who changed the rules?  That would be a quaint little notion, wouldn’t it? And not just our senators and congress people. Someone bought them off, paid them or offered them something to do this.  They don’t just come up with this shit on their own.

But we will continue to blame the poors. I mean in the end all societies have collapsed because of the corruption and loose morals of them there poors.


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