What this blog is about and who it is for.

 Hello, welcome to the Corporate Chronicles. I am the Corporate Chronicler. Yes, for now I wish to remain somewhat anonymous. I will give a little background just so you know where my views come from. I live in the upper part of the mid-west of the United States. United, as in all for one, one for all. We wouldn’t be the same if we were separated.I have a high-school diploma, a little used certificate in locksmithing,four years of machining , and 20 years or more in manufacturing,welding, and fabricating. I was a shop rat. Loved the work, and will not apologize for it.I took a few years of community college but never got a degree. So I am not an intellectual. That being said, I don’t believe that you need to be an intellectual to observe things that are wrong. Let’s face it, most people in this country are not. And let’s also face the fact that we have been led by intellectuals and here we are.

This blog will be mostly of a political nature just because that is what I am most interested in, opinions on pertinent topics, and an occasional cartoon thrown in if I can get my ancient computer hooked to my ancient 3 in 1 printer. This will all be new to me, so I appreciate feedback and most of all patience 🙂  

Disclaimer: I was a born,raised and bred conservative Republican, and now I am not. As you will see through this venture, my views tend to lead me to a more Left leaning pattern of thought. It may have been my thought pattern has changed, but I think it was more that I was left behind in a rush to the far right or was lied to or a little of both. You will see why I feel this way, and I hope to wake some more up to what I woke up to after what I found to be the definition of practiced fiscal conservatism.


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